The Story

The Cruize story began back in 2006 when Dave Casey – a New Plymouth tiler by trade, was given a ‘heads up’ that a new radio frequency was coming up for auction in the province and that he should put in a bid. Sick of the drab commercial whose mantra of ‘music being the annoying bits between the ads’, Dave wanted to make a difference and treat the radio listener with more respect. He successfully won the bid for the 105.2 frequency and Cruize Fm was born. Dave needed someone to be the station’s Program Manager so he called on his brother, Matt – a teacher of 20 years’ experience – to take on the challenge.

And so, on December 13th, 2009 when the Fm switch was flicked on, a journey began; two brothers with zero experience in running a radio station but with a love of diverse, quality music and a passion for delivering something unique to its listeners. The station itself, was built from scratch with a studio for recording ads and promos, as well as becoming a facility for local and visiting musicians to record for free. With some initial guidance from another local lad – Hayden Dick from the band @Peace, Matt gained experience in using LogicPro software to record and mix artists. Another prominent player in the evolution of the Cruize sound was the creative input of Kevin May, aka DJ kritikl ad Layne Rapira. Kevin’s brilliant ability to lay down beats and samples along with Layne’s gift in writing and delivering a catchy tune are the force behind many of the Cruize Fm jingles.

Cruize has maintained its format of having “No Jocks” over the years. This idea formed organically through the feedback received from listeners. They liked the idea of not having Radio Jocks who tended to be in love with the sound of their own voices and wasted precious time that could be set aside for more music.

Cruize Fm always had a passion for promoting Taranaki musicians, whether they resided in the province or were born and raised there and have since moved on. While the station was on the 105.2 Fm frequency it had over 300 various tracks on the playlist by Taranaki artists, some of which were recorded in the Cruize Fm studio.

Cruize Fm also ventured into bringing artists to New Plymouth and promoting their gigs. Super-talented artists such as Ash Grunwald, Mihirangi, Cornerstone Roots, Knights of the Dub Table, The Nomad, and Swamp Thing have been very successful and memorable events that helped make Taranaki a must-play destination for bands.

After five years of being on the Fm airwaves, it was decided that the future lay in focussing with the brand’s on-line presence. The beauty in this was that it was much more affordable and portable way of running a station and it had the ability to reach out to a world-wide audience. In 2018 the Cruize Fm studio was packed up from its offices in central New Plymouth. This also, sadly, meant the end of the recording studio but it signalled the beginning of a new era in the Cruize story. The Cruize name was important to keep but it also needed to reflect its change to a full on-line station – hence the new entity of Cruize.Fm which also came with a new logo too. The logo shows it on-line flavour with the headphones and it’s Taranaki roots with the mountain (maunga) formed in trail of the headphone lead.

With almost 10 years of experience in curating a playlist of quality sounds that ‘tips a hat’ to the classics of the past while welcoming in the exciting talent of the latest generation of artists, the future of Cruize.Fm looks exciting. The plan is to develop more DJ-crafted sets from local and overseas artists, as well as regular Cruize Selector sessions created by Matt Casey so that the listeners have a station they can stream for any occasion, any time of day, any mood. Cruize.Fm – music that matters!